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Covers, Slings and Cartridge Belts

These pages display just some of our accessories. If you are interested in any of the below items, please contact us or phone 01730 891311 for assistance and any questions you may have. (Please note that carriage will be in addition to the below prices and we will advise this when you place the order.)

Bassetts Gun Case
Deluxe Leather Baize lined motoring case with two locks.


Economy Rifle


Green Canvas
Fleece Lined

Carbine - £21.50
Rifle - £23.50

Green Canvas Shotgun
Fleece Lined


Vinyl, Fleece

Shotgun - £19.95
Rifle - £23.50


Shotgun - £24.95
Rifle - £27.35

Gunslip - £75.00

Deluxe Canvas

Shotgun - £41.25
Rifle - £44.00

Basic Cartridge Belt


Deluxe Cartridge Belt
Natural Hide


Suede Cartridge Belt


Universal Cartridge Belt


E & O.E.

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