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Fegarmy Arms Manufacturing Limited was entered into the Registry of Economic Associations under the name Arms and Machine Factory Co. on 24 February 1891. In Hungary this was the day of commencement of large scale manufacturing of firearms.

The company acquired world-wide renown by the Frommer Type Repeating Pistols. Then they started the fabrication of various types of Hunting and Sporting Weapons.

In the European Championship of 1929, held in Stockholm, the Hunting Rifles of the FEG company were the first among products of the large gunmakers of the world.

For more than a century the name and manufacturing profile of the company has changed several times. however they have always retained the production of arms and air rifles as a main activity.

The three letters of the company logo denotes a factory and a profession with a successful past which has been justified by its history. Its products are created by the work of master craftsmen which have acquired renown not only in the domestic market but also in many countries worldwide.

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